Harbinger of the Fall
"The arcana is the means by which all is revealed."

You question the presence before you, but you do not question yours. Ask yourself this:

"Why are you here?"

What is it that you desire?

Of course, we already know the answer to that.

What humans desire in their hearts is death.

Is that not why you have come?


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Anonymous asked : Nyx you fulfill my wish? Please let me be by your side, even if it means my death. Life is too painful for it to life. After death you can feel nothing more or?


"If that is what you seek, child. You have nothing more to gain with a soul that has lost its will. Is this how you truly want things to end?"

"Though I am not one to force you otherwise, there is yet another path to choose, much like the children who once opposed me. It is a hard path, but seemingly fulfilling, what with the smiles painted onto their faces, the laughter that burns the darkness away, and the tears they shed out of pure happiness."

"Why do you seek death, little one? What could be so painful that you would choose to feel nothing?"

Anonymous asked : Do you consider yourself a god?

"Nay, child. What is a God? Is it not a supernatural being that is worshiped, in control of a constituent of thy world? I am merely an observer—a being that carries out the desires of thee. I move only through thy heart and soul. My duty is to thee."

hainerammsteiner asked : A tiny little kitten stumbles into your ask box, holding a small letter in his mouth. She hands the note to you and it reads, "I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.

Nyx releases a breath that resembles that of a laugh. “I am far from what thou dost claim, child. Only few know of this being’s existence. I, the mother of Death — bringer of catastrophe, doubt that I art loved.”


—started following motherofshadows.

Nyx stands motionlessly before the man before it, features marred and hidden by its smiling mask.

"Art thou not the human who chiseled thy way out of Death’s grip? Why hath thou returned?"


 —started following motherofshadows.

The being of all beings casts its gaze on the blue-haired fool, features hidden behind a smiling mask. It does not move, it does not speak, merely observing while he is standing before it in what appeared to be confidence.

"Child who has The End arrested in his grasp, to what do I owe this visit untold by the cards? Should thou falter for but one moment, Nyx shall be released. Is that not the opposite of what thou dost desire?"

vashbebop asked : The Aracana is the means by which all is revealed. I am of Justice... I am having trouble finding my way to you. I ask thee, if you are the END, then where does The World stand?

Prithee, child born of Justice, The World is something out of mine hands.

An Arcana created by the power of bonds, a power merging the four elements in transcendent form. It stands, formidable in itself, with the strength of harmony, and shall not appear if thy hath no resolve.

The sole owner of this Arcana, shall be revealed to those who are worthy.

Bear this in mind as thou journeys to The End.

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Nyx's children.
- Momma Nyx: And yes, Potato, you are my son, as well.
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death-in-truth asked : "..."

"You seek something from me, child?"




The maternal being cast its gaze down at the human, a coarse smile hidden behind its mask.


It slowly tipped its head to the side.

“—are an acquaintance of that child. Thy tenacious ways confuse me greatly.”

For some, unholy reason Yukari just found herself staring at the being, awestruck and…scared. It spoke, and Yukari felt herself shiver involuntarily. she took a tentaive step back, gulping nervously. the being was not attacking her, nor did it seem…angry. It was rather strange to her.


"You question my presence?"

Before Nyx stood a figure so small, it felt as if she could be easily crushed by its hands. Yet, the being had no intentions of such. Time merely waited until it was due, and unless man’s desires were at its peak, nothing could be done.

"Question yours. Ask yourself why you stand before me, and if you are against it or not."

Anonymous asked : Erebus is your apparent lover. Other than being unable to fulfill man’s “desires,” does it mean anything else that he cannot get to you— touch you with The Great Seal between yourselves?

"It does not mean anything else."

"His purpose is to bring about the Fall through my touch and nothing more."